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MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC

About the Company

MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC is a locally home-grown, and family-operated cleaning company started by Jacquelyn Ahmed, a former K-12 teacher. Mohamed is an immigrant that moved to the US from Sudan in 2011 where he learned to speak English at Kirkwood Community College right here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC has been helping businesses keep their properties sparkling clean for almost 8 years now. Our service area has expanded from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City and even onto Fairfield, Iowa. We are readily available to the Corridor Area, Cedar Falls and Des Moines.

How We Started

It was the spring of 2015 when it started. Founder, Jacquelyn (Jacy) Ahmed, had been teaching full-time. To supplement her income, she started cleaning houses. One day, a friend’s referral brought her two hair salons to clean. The referral didn’t just bring in more work; it brought Jacquelyn to the realization that cleaning had almost become her second full-time job. It was then that she realized that she was “onto something.”

After speaking to several of her customers, she learned that a lot of them were tired of big cleaning companies that paid their staff very little. They reported that the employees’ dissatisfaction with their pay showed in the quality of their work. Moreover, they complained that the communication between the companies was horrible. They could never get responses about their concerns.

Her clients’ experiences inspired her to offer something new— excellent cleaning services that will satisfy their logistical needs as well as being openly and honestly communicative. Thus, MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC was born. Jacquelyn’s desire to bring back customer service is still as strong as ever. The vision of being "a clean you can trust" was launched and has continued to prove so since.

Caring for Our Staff

MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC is socially conscious when hiring new cleaners. As such, we pay our employees higher starting wages compared to other companies in the industry. MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC intends to one day operate as a co-op so the staff can also partly own the company and weigh-in on how to best serve the clientele. Hard work and reliability are expected, maintained and rewarded. 

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